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This journal will some entries intended for my friends only. Other entries will be viewable to the public.

If you would like to friend me, please leave a comment...and add something we have in common or how you came by my journal so I have an idea of who you are, otherwise I won't remember who you are ^^
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I’ve only visited twice before but in those two trips alone, you’ve stolen my heart (and my money). Despite the lack of space, high rent, and your system of government slowly being pushed aside by Mainland China (which I hardly care for) in the passing years - I still love how vibrant, wonderful, and sexy you are. There are so many things to do! So many places to see. So many things to eat!… gods, I love the food :D

It would be a dream to live where you are and have a great career at that, at the same time!

I’m so excited, I’m gonna die!… lol, jk. I feel like I’m going home…But words can’t do my feelings justice, however cliché that sounds.

<3 Julia

Lamp Lancer

One more week of putting up with my current job! It shall be a happy day and I will go out to eat to celebrate :)

In other news, my wonderful portable external HD does not work any more :( When I plug it by usb, I hear the disk spin and it'll click 5 times but then kaput. Nothing. Nada. Since it was my external, I backed up a lot of stuff, including all of documents, photos, and media because it wouldn't have fit on my laptop's internal drive... in any case, I've ordered another drive and will use that to back up my now defunct drive with a SATA/ etc+ cable to get the data off of it and transfer the files over. I'm hoping this will work... I don't really want to think of what I'm going to have to go through with replacing all the data I've lost, in particular the documents I have/had.

And aside from my caring more than I should about non-physical bytes of data, a friend of mine has been going through some personal issues. Not much I can do but lend an ear, though there are times I really want to throttle said person for their actions. I mean, really?

Another friend of mine has some trouble moving since she had lived some others and they left an... unneccessary amount shit behind. She herself has an inordinate amount of shit as well, but she's been handling that and that's okay. She didn't fob it off to someone to take care of (unless you count me and some others who helped her move since she has no car, but I digress). When I was helping her clean up the rest of her apartment, it was more along the lines of handling the heavier things because she really has no upper body strength... and I'm not sure she has much lower body strength either... anyway, so as I was throwing stuff away (there was a lot, it made me sad because it was useful stuff too), there were about three tall floor lamps. So naturally the thing to do when I was throwing them away was to launch them into the giant trash bin like a lance.

They were awesome throws. EPIC. I think I got a lot of air getting those lamps in there. And I think that was pretty much the highlight of helping her.
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My gods, I haven't been so excited about shit since - well, since the season finale of Doctor Who S5. I don't think I'd count the movies I've recently watched, only because I tend to watch those things once and it's not like a TV series that just sucks you in by their witty banter and snark once a week or so.

I think I'll start posting a few lines from the first episode to lure you show you why I like this show. 

Collapse )

So, if you have time I suggest you watch it. Watch it now!...and Don't blink, you might miss something good.


Boring work is boring.

You would think that getting paid to sit at a computer and help people is a dream job. Except it's not, it's terribly boring.

Also, I know I want to post something but it's kind of difficult to pick what I want to write about. About Inception? Despicable Me? People and relationships? Future plans? Dreams I (don't) remember having? In the moment, I can think of what I want to write about, want people to know about in my own words and when it comes to actually writing it, I seem to fall flat and can't bring myself to.

I think it has to do with the actual act of writing. A professor told my technical writing class for CSD that once something is written, it's reality and subject to public viewing...or something along the lines of that. In any case, it is the way I feel about writing my own thoughts down. If I do, then my opinion is solidified, and as words and their meaning can be conveyed in a number of ways (or rather limited ways depending on the language) , I'd rather keep those words unwritten so that meaning can't take this structured and rigid form and be left to change whenever I please.

Ha, I guess that's today's entry: Julia's work is boring ATM and she can't write because she's indecisive. 
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Hardly ever

Honestly, it's been a daaaaaaaaaaamn long time since I've posted here.

I can say that the current layout isn't conducive to me posting. While it's nice to look at, it's not quite readable...and I've had the same layout for how long? A few years now? Who knows.

Another thing that I think that's stopped me from posting here is the user interface. Or rather, what I think of as a user-friend interface for the things I want to do. I do want my friends to keep up with what I'm up to - however, it's the ease at which I can that kind of stops me from doing so.

Over time, my needs have changed and I've kind of moved on from LJ I guess. At one point, I wanted more anonymity so I created a blogger account. Then later, after getting into Doctor Who, I opened a tumblr account so I can share the funny things I've found there. With each switch, I've discovered what I did and didn't like in terms of what I can and can't do. As well as the fan base and the amount of people at each one. Blogger is very bare bones to me, and that might be a good thing. Tumblr is kind of a dream, the new micro-blogging combination of posting, favoriting, and reblogging just about anything and the frequency at which it occurs.

But I think I have to say, livejournal - you've been there since the beginning. At least for me anyway.

If there were some extra features of the likes which tumblr has, then I would be much happier - because then it'd make it easier for me to do what I want in a central place. But honestly, LJ probably doesn't need do that considering the audience which uses it. In my opinion anyway.

Lol, funny how things are written out. Started with an (semi) update about myself and went into a review of my experience in social media and it's user-ability whatever.

Times. They are a-changing.
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In HK right now and it's almost time to leave for Xian, in about four days.

Honestly, it's amazing when you put 57 people in the same program and see how people get along or don't rather. I've met some really good people and I hope to keep in contact because honestly again, I have never met a few people that I have instantly clicked with like I did here. Maybe it was just the situation and place, but I'm not taking it for granted.

I'll miss HK and these people but I'm looking forward to when I'll be with my friends back in Florida/UF.

There's a lot that's been going on and a lot of other things that haven't so there will be some stories/entries for those later on. Some one hold me to that because I don't think I'll type them at all if no one does.

Good night~

My element

Today I got into my element with extra books from the library.

I've checked out three books on Cantonese - about the disappearing Hakka accent, writing system, and one on "Prosody and Prosodic Transfer in Foreign Language Acquisition: Cantonese and Japanese."

Gods, I'm a big nerd.

But I love it!